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Pivot remove open in search from action bar



I have a requirement for a custom app to have access to Pivot without search. I have been able to prevent users accessing search by restricting the view permissions which still allows them to perform Pivot searches. However the "Open in search" button on the pivot page needs to be removed so that users don't click it and get a messy "page not found" (same issue with drill downs in pivot but focusing on one problem at a time)

I can remove the "Open in search" button if I modify "/search_mrsparkle/exposed/build/pages/enterprise/pivot.js" however this then applies to all apps which is not desirable and wont survive an upgrade.

Is it possible to override pivot.js with my own custom pivot.js when inside my specific custom app when using pivot?

alt text

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Same Here, waiting for answers

how to remove hide: save as,clear,navigation bar,collapsible icon.

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