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Passing inputlookup to send pdf email from dashboard

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I have a lookup file with below data. This auto populates everyday from a scheduled query.



Feature 2

Feature 3





I need to send a pdf to my colleagues from a dashboard with line chart based on each feature. I tried Trellies, but 7.x version splunk donot support pdf delivery.


| inputcsv 85PercUsage.csv
| stats values(feature) AS extendfeat
| mvexpand extendfeat
| append
[| makeresults
| eval extendfeat=""]
| map search="search index=usage sourcetype=usedfeature=\"$extendfeat$\" earliest=-1d@d+11h+30m latest=@d+11h+30m| bin _time span=5m | stats sum(quantity) as MaxUSed by feature,_time
| timechart span=5m max(MaxUSed) as LicUsed by feature" maxsearches=100

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