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Open a search drilldown in new window


I'm creating a series of dashboards such that one navigates to the other on clicking a visualization. I referred to the questions asked here previously, and added the following to my simple XML dashboards:

<drilldown target="_blank">

Now, this works just fine.

The drilldown of the last dashboard in the series, however, must direct the user to a search window with the events related to the visualisation, exactly like the default drill down in dashboards, but in a new window. I tried adding this:

<drilldown target="_blank">

but it doesn't work. Please help me open the default drill down in a new window. Thanks!!

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No solution in Simple XML ! 😞
So the only solution is to do the following :
You copy the url of the default drilldown after letting it run once.
Then you create your own custom drilldown, simple adapted copy of the default drilldown :

<drilldown target="_blank">
     <link target="_black">

Based on the following default drilldown :


The trick is to simply replace the specific values of the default drilldown instance with the dynamic token : For each field, the $row.NAMEOFFIELD$ and $earliest$ and $latest$ for the timerange !
Please go check out the official doc if you find my explanation too unclear !

Happy Splunking 😛

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Hi. I did something that could inspire you. Firt install this app "Dashbord6 example" then create a dashboard with my source code.enter code here

  <label>Dynamic Drilldown</label>
  <description>Chart and Table panels with dynamic drilldown to custom destination links</description>
   <title>Chart panel with dynamic drilldown that passes the clicked Y-axis token to a form.</title>
   <searchString>index=_internal | head 100 | chart count by sourcetype</searchString>
   <option name="charting.chart">line</option>
   <drilldown target="_blank">
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