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Newly created app for dashboard not working

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I just created a dashboard and I put the dashboard to my newly created app. But it showed me "No results found". It was okay in the search app but when I transfer it to my own app the results didn't appear.

I have already moved my save search and my view files to the newly created app. And I also change the nav to the right name. And when I click "more info".

It showed me this:

This search has completed and found 1,663 matching events. However, the transforming commands in the highlighted portion of the following search:

search sourcetype="Website1.zip:./Website/Website" | **top URL**

over the time range:

(earliest indexed event) – (latest indexed event)

generated no results. Possible solutions are to:

  • check the syntax of the commands
  • verify that the fields expected by the report commands are present in the events

This search is an instance of the saved search: Top 10 Website.

The following messages were returned by the search subsystem:

DEBUG: base lispy: [ AND sourcetype::website1.zip:./website/website ]

DEBUG: search context: user="admin", app="Top_10_Website", bs-pathname="C:\Program Files\Splunk\etc"

They highlighted my top URL generate no results.

Why is this so? Hope to get a reply as soon as possible.

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I extracted the App with 7-Zip and that created a parent directory. I put that parent directory into the apps folder. I took that out and copied the splunk-dashboard-app directory and splunk-dashboard-telemetry directory into the apps folder and it worked!

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Thanks. I got there in an different manner. I choose Manage Apps and then set the beta Dashboard App Sharing to be Global. I could not see a Manager link.

This did not solve the problem. I have reinstalled Splunk to run as a domain administrator and still can't see the new dashboard. Even going into the App and creating a dashboard from there does not work.

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I had copied the entire splunk-dashboards-app-beta_020 directory with its two sub directories into the apps folder. I should have copied the two directories separately without the splunk-dashboards-app-beta_020 parent directory.

Once I fixed this it worked. Being on Windows I used 7-Zip and not tar -xvf to extract the files and then thought I needed to put the parent directory that 7-zip created into the folder.

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Sorry about the late response...my inbox had quarantined the mail about your comment. In Splunk web from your Search app, if you go to Manager -> User interface -> Views, where you see this dashboard, click Permissions. The dashboard might not be working because the dashboard might be set to appear in the Search app only. There should be an option here to set the dashboard to appear in 'All apps'. If this option has not been selected already then select it and this might solve your issue

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