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Need guidance in Splunk dashboard showing the site availability %

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Hi Splunk Gurus,
Need some advice/guidance here. Our client has requested to create the Splunk dashboard which will show the availability % of all our sites ( datacenter) and should also indicate if a particular ticket has breached or is about to be breached. We plan to pull the data from another tool ( Open nms) This is the challenge that we are facing :

  1. Splunk dashboard shows the site availability % and indicates if we have breached or met the SLA
  2. We are not sure what the source of the data into Splunk should be
  3. The challenge is to validate the site availability %. How do we confirm if what is being reported by Splunk is correct?
  4. we will need to pull data from Open NSM based on site information and the alarms generated each month.
  5. We correlate this data with Splunk and validate

The challenge that we see here is that Splunk pulls up data from multiple sources it seems. We need to know the source of the data. We did review Open NMS but we do not find any specific fields in Open NMS that would actually help us pull reports for correlating the data with Splunk.

Could someone pls help with the above query

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You would probably be best of using a tool like smokeping or nagios and sending reports/logs/summaries from those tools to Splunk.

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