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Issues with AccountBar mode param


I am trying to learn about Advanced XML and working thru the chapter "Build a Search View using Advanced XML" in the Developer's documentation. I created a very basic view and it doesn't work.

      <label>Test Search</label>
      <module name="AccountBar" layoutPanel="appHeader"/>

I get the same header with or without the mode lite paramater. I thought this parameter would change the look of the top line of the window. When I add the showsource=true, I do not even see my param argument listed in the xml:

<view autoCancelInterval="90" isPersistable="true" isSticky="true" isVisible="true"    objectMode="viewconf" onunloadCancelJobs="true" template="search.html">
<label>Test Search /label>
<module name="AccountBar" layoutPanel="appHeader"/>

What am I doing wrong?

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Your XML is malformed :

<module name="AccountBar" layoutPanel="appHeader">
        <param name="mode">lite</param>