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Issue with Dashboard - browser needs to be refreshed to show data

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Hi All,

Not sure if anyone else experiencing this issue.

We have a TV set-up with a dashboard on display in our support area. Dashboard has auto refresh configured and updates every minute.

After a period of time, one or more of the panels starts to indicate that there is no results to display, even through there are. If we F5 to refresh the browser, the panel starts to show results again.

I have tried using both chrome and firefox to display the dashboard and will try IE / edge next, but just wondering if anyone else out there has had this experience and found a solution to prevent the panels from "breaking"?

EDIT - screen shots added
Dashboard board with issue present:
alt text

Same Dashboard after an F5 refresh:
alt text

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put a refresh property for each element

have a look in to thislink

*********All the Best***********
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Hi @harishalipaka,

Thanks for the link, but refreshing the dashboard is not my issue. I already have refresh configured and it works well.

Issue is that after some time, something happens (possibly browser related) where by the refresh stops returning results.

I've added some screen shots to the original post to show what's happening.

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Cant see any screenshots

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