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Is there a way to setup a condition for drilldown based on the clickvalue?

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So I have to scenarios

When user click on the no-event value a dashboard appers with a query that would probably contain something like:

level=$level$ NOT event=*
|eval ms_region=rtrim(ms_zone, "abcdefgh")
|where ms_region="$region$"

When user click on any event that is not labeled as 'no-event' search would be something like:

|eval ms_region=rtrim(ms_zone, "abcdefgh")
|where ms_region="$region$"
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Try this <eval token="event_token">if($click.value2$=="","*",$click.value2$)</eval>

Sample dashboard with run anywhere example

          <query>|makeresults count=5|eval event="someevenet",noevent=""</query>
        <option name="drilldown">cell</option>
          <eval token="event_token">if($click.value2$=="","*",$click.value2$)</eval>
      <h1>This is the token value : <font color="red">$event_token$</font></h1>
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