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Is there a function to turn a time range into human-readable string?

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I've created a dashboard with a shared "time-input" (named range) -- all of the panels refer to it:


I'd like each panel's title to reflect the currently-picked range -- showing it in human-readable form like "Last 4 hours" or "Yesterday from 2am to 3am". Is this possible?

Update: Ok, I found I can add something like this to the titles:

... between $range.earliest$ and $range.latest$

and it will be translated to, for example between -7d@h and now. Maybe, there are better alternatives?..

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Check this

<input type="time" searchWhenChanged="true">
        <label>Enter the time range</label>
          <set token="displayTime">($label$)</set>

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It is enough to use in the Last something.
If Today is specified, it is regrettable that it will be Custom time.

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| makeresults 
| addinfo 
| eval _time=info_max_time 
| reltime 
| rename reltime as last_time 
| eval _time=info_min_time 
| reltime 
| rename reltime as first_time
| eval output_text="Search period: between ".first_time." to ".last_time

you can hide the panel and pass output_text in tokens.

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Check out the reltime function.

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