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Is it possible to have conditional coloring in a radial gauge?



Is it possible conditional coloring in radial gauge?
I have a query with thresholds (0, 75, 100) and I want to display colors in gauge like this:

0 = blue
0 - 74 = dark red
75 - 100 = red

If the value is let say 71 I want the gauge to display two colors:

0 - 71 = dark red
72 - 100 = blue

Also, is it possible to configure dynamic threshold in radial gauge? I mean to take them from a csv file where I have distinct column for every threshold?


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi valentinv,

I'm afraid the answer is No. I don't think it's possible or recommended to configure two sets of color ranges in one radial gauge and dynamically switch between them based on the value. Even you could do so, it would not be good, consistent visualization practice and may lead to confusion.

Hope it helps. Thanks!
Hunter Shen

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Let me answer the easier question first, you cannot use two colors for a value 🙂

Now, for the second question. It is possible to configure dynamic threshold in radial gauge, but I am not sure I understand what's in your csv and how that relates to thresholds. Can you share sample data from your csv?

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