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Is it possible to display an image to the user while a dashboard and all its panels are loading?


I have a dahboard with many charts/panels. What I would like is to display a gif to the user saying something like "Go and have a cup of tea and this will be fully loaded when you get back". Can I load an image/gif while all the panels are loading in the dashboard?

I was hoping to do this in xml, but may have to use html. All answers suggestions appreciated.


I think you could use something like this as a starting point if you are using 6.3 or newer. This should show the waiting.gif once the search below starts, and it would show the chart once the search is done.

<html rejects="$show_panel$">
  <img style="..." src="/static/app/<APP_NAME>/waiting.gif"/>
<chart depends="$show_panel$">
        <unset token="show_panel"/>
        <set token="show_panel">true</set>
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