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Is it possible to change the thousand separator and decimal separator according to European conventions (e.g. 10.000,234)?

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Hi there,

Is there a way to change decimal and the thousand separate to European conventions?
For example, I would like the default to be : 10.000,234 (instead of 10,000.234)
Is this possible without converting numeric values to strings?
It would like this to work in particular for dashboards.

Thanks for your help

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Check this


Also, its worth checking fieldformat command. It wont change underlying value hence it is good for charting purposes.


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Thanks for your help. However, unless I'm missing something, it seems that the methods described there output strings. For example:

... | fieldformat number = replace(replace(replace(number,"\.","#"),",","."),"#",",")

outputs the correct format, but it will be of string type. If I wrap the right-hand side in tonumber() it does not output anything (null), probably because it does not recognize the number format...

-- Edit --
The example above only works for replacing the . (dot) by a, (comma). I think because the default thousands separators (comma's) are added afterwards by splunk.

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