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The What's New in Splunk 4.1 video shows an Incoming Activity chart at time 2:10. In the chart, small blocks dynamically stream from a changing list of IP addresses onto the moving columns of an unlabeled column chart.

How can I setup a chart like this?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Yes, it is Splunk Replay modified to take advantage of real-time search. However, at this time there are two issues that need to be mended before the app can be released:

  1. allowing the flash movie to communicate directly with splunkd without opening a security hole
  2. causing the realtime search to stop when the user navigates away from the page

I will post an update once I know more about a release date


It's probably an updated version of Splunk Replay. This link is for a 3.x version, but I am sure it can be adapted.

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