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In a chart how to stop the grey out behaviour of bars



I am looking for a property in CSS or Javascript or any tweaks directly in splunk , to stop the greying out of other bars when the mouse is hovered on each bars.

It should not grey out, is there any property in splunk to stop this 

I checked many blogs and other CSS but dint find any help . Can someone share some inputs if this is possible or not?

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@niketn @woodcock 
Hello sir , request you to provide some inputs if anything here.

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@rijin Are you applying charting.fieldColors or charting.seriesColors for this panel?

Ideally you should request for an enhancement to enable or disable greying out of series which is not in focus. You can use ideas.splunk.com portal for the same.

If you are not using charting.fieldColors, this may be a round about way using CSS and JS combination to override colors from charting.seriesColors (may not work as well). Even if it works it will be too much of a workaround. You would be better off creating your own Custom Chart viz using Highcharts.

One other possibility would be to disable hovering over the chart, but you may loose interaction like tooltip.

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@niketn  Yes i have applied charting.fieldColors for the bars .
Disabling the hover you are right tooltip needs to be there , hence that option i dropped out.

If there is no option, i think as you said will have to check in ideas.splunk

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