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In Dashboard Studio, how do I hide labels in the bar chart?


Hi all,

I am having issues hiding some label tags on a bar chart in dashboard studio;


Would like to hide the "app", "ABAP" and the x axis 0-100


I've been reading https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/DashApp/0.9.0/DashApp/Comparison - bar chart options and implemented most things I see relevant below without any success.






| makeresults count=33
| eval app="ABAP"
| eval type="Green"
| append
[ makeresults count=24
| eval app="ABAP"
| eval type="Red" ]
| chart count by app, type
| table app Red Green





		"viz_A8xGX4KY": {
			"type": "splunk.bar",
			"dataSources": {
				"primary": "ds_rxzvxyTs_ds_D0zk0prm"
			"title": "",
			"options": {
				"stackMode": "stacked100",
				"seriesColorsByField": {
					"Green": "#52D017",
					"Red": "#E41B17"
				"legendDisplay": "off",
				"backgroundColor": "#152238",
				"xAxisTitleText": "",
				"axisTitleY.text": "",
				"axisTitleY2.text": "",
				"axisTitleX.visibility": "collapsed",
				"axisTitleY.visibility": "collapsed",
				"axisTitleY2.visibility": "collapsed",
				"axisY.scale": "",
				"axisY2.scale": "",
				"chart.showDataLabels": "none",
				"chart.overlayFields": "",
				"gridLinesY.showMajorLines": false,
				"gridLinesX.showMajorLines": false,
				"axisY.minimumNumber": "none"




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