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How to skip the weekends in the timechart or a chart?

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I have a search query which yields a timechart . I want to show just the weekdays and skip the weekends in the charting of data using timechart. 

I have used the clause | eval day_of_week = strftime(_time,"%A")
| where NOT (day_of_week="Saturday" OR day_of_week="Sunday")
| fields - day_of_week in my query before and after the timechart.

The data doesn't have the weekend information whereas when this is charted using the timechart I always get the weekends on my x-axis.


Any idea how to solve it?

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Try in this order


| where NOT date_wday in ("Saturday","Sunday")
| eval day_of_week = strftime(_time,"%A")


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Hi , thanks for the reply. I had tried the same with the clause before and after the chart command. It didn't work for me in either case.

However the following worked for me. I am not not sure though why it worked and what is Splunk's behavior when I used strftime.

| eval date=strftime(_time,"%d-%b-%y %H:%M:%S %a")
| chart limit=0 useother=false count as Volume by date,Description


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| tstats count where index=_internal earliest=0 by _time span=1d
| eval weekday=if(strftime(_time,"%w") = "0" OR strftime(_time,"%w") = "6",1,0)
| where weekday=0
| eval weekday=strftime(_time,"%a")


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