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How to remove dashboard schedule error "Bailing out of Integrated PDF Generation"?


I have a user who scheduled a dashboard delivery at a specific time in a day, meanwhile he cloned the same dashboard with a clone at the end.

He eventually deleted the cloned dashboard, but we're still getting the dashboard generation ERROR to look at python.log. We haven't found any valuable information in python.log.

*An error occurred while generating the PDF. Please see python.log for

index=_internal sourcetype="pdfgen*"

2017-02-23 06:00:02,667 -0600 ERROR  pdfgen_utils:485 - Bailing out of Integrated PDF Generation. Exception raised while preparing to render "Untitled" to PDF. [HTTP 404]; [{'type': 'ERROR', 'text': 'Could not find object id=perf_daily_checks_clone', 'code': None}]

How do i get rid of this schedule error??


I have the same issue. Is their a solution for this problem!?

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I have the same issue, any tip for solve this?

2017-07-18 08:00:16,033 -0400 ERROR sendemail:1078 - An error occurred while generating a PDF: Failed to fetch PDF (status = 400): Unable to render PDF.

  • Bailing out of Integrated PDF Generation. Exception raised while preparing to render "Untitled" to PDF. [HTTP 404] [{'text': 'Could not find object id=reporte_quincenal_super_educ', 'type': 'ERROR', 'code': None}]

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I came across the same error today. Does anyone know how to solve this?


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