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How to link to a view and NOT pass a search?

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This question is related to an earlier question I posted titled ‘How to override inherited search?’ and is perhaps the more appropriate question. Lets say I have a relatively simple view(a Single Value Panel, for example) from which I would like to link to a more complex view that will contain several related, but significantly different charts, tables, etc… the point being that there is not an appropriate search to specify from the ‘parent’ view. Effectively, I have to specify some search since it is required by most methods (except for a ViewRedirectorLink, but that still sends the query from the parent) even though I have no need.

This results in the side effect I mentioned in my earlier question, namely that if I have a SearchBar in the child view, it picks up the search from the parent view, overriding the default search I have specified, which I what I really want…

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One quick thing you can do, is that you can nest your ViewRedirector module inside a Search module, and in that Search module specify the default search and timerange that you want to use in the target view. ViewRedirector will use whatever search it is given, and the Search inserted right above will reset all the information to that new undispatched search. As long as the prepopulation works out in the target view you'll be fine.

You might also consider switching to Sideview Utils, which has a 1.3 version available under LGPL terms from Splunkbase, and 2.0.X version available from the Sideview site for modest end-user pricing.



Sideview Utils packages many new modules, and one of them is called Redirector. Redirector is a more intuitive and more useful module, and designed to replace ViewRedirector.

For your case, you would just use it as follows.

<module name="Redirector">
   <param name="url">your_viewname_here</param>

Since you will be coming from a view in app A, the browser will just interpret "my_view_name" as a request to hit that resource in the same app directory, so the path doesn't have to be fully qualified. If it's a view in another app you're trying to hit, it would just be "../another_app/your_viewname_here". And you can of course specify absolute URL's as well.

And this is explained in detail within the Sideview Utils app itself (it contains it's own documentation), but basically you can also pass anything you like from the one view to the other, and prepopulate form elements in the target view with those values.

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