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How to integrate splunk with log4net's XmlLayout?

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I am new to configuring splunk, I have just installed an instance locally. I have an application which uses log4net to output its logs and I am trying to make the complete logs, with all properties, go to splunk over UDP.

I see that splunk supports a a source type log4net_xml, which I would assume corresponds to log4net's XmlLayout. I have therefore created a UDP data source in splunk selecting log4net_xml as the source type.

I have also added an appender to the log4net.config file of my application:

<appender name="UdpAppender" type="log4net.Appender.UdpAppender">
  <identity value="Logging" />
  <layout type="log4net.Layout.XmlLayout" />
  <remoteAddress value="" />
  <remotePort value="514" />

Events from my application show up in Splunk search fine, formatted as XML strings similar to this one:

    <log4net:message>Hello world!</log4net:message><log4net:properties><log4net:data name="Subject" value="Site ERROR" /><log4net:data name="log4net:UserName" value="kamil" /></log4net:properties>

Given that splunk gives an impression of supporting this format, I would expect it to extract fields such as message, Subject and UserName from these strings but this does not happen. The only fields are splunk's built-in ones, plus a couple random ones where splunk found some substrings of the format XYZ=ABC within these logs.

I tried using the log4j source type (faked with with log4net's XmlLayoutSchemaLog4j layout) but this did not work either.

Does what I'm trying to do make sense? Or am I too naive in my approach?

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