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How to export dashboard to pdf with variables



I've searched a few moment and found an answer to my problem...
I'd like to understand why my pdf dashbaords expors show "$field1$" instead of "PE0101" (serveur name) in graph title.

I found this, here on docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ :
=> Splunk/6.5.1/Viz/DashboardPDFs#Limitations_to_PDF_generation
=> Splunk/8.0.3/Viz/DashboardPDFs#Limitations_to_PDF_generation
=> answers/92805/how-to-change-advance-xml-to-simple-xml.html
that it is question of xml format, simple or advanced and variables are not translated into pdf export with advances xml dashboards.

Any way i could satisfy myslef but not really.

Please see in 1st screenshot that everything is OK in the dashboard called "Backbone PING - Etats des Interfaces" using IHM or pdf export.
Please notice in 2nd screenshot that everything is NOT OK in the dashboard called "Backbone PING - Graphes Equipement" using IHM is OK but using pdf export is NOT OK, variables are not set.

I use in both dashboards this kind of personnale xml code
-form script="custom.js"
-set token="timelabel">$label$

I think beeing in advanced xml mode with both dashboards so why the 1st exports variables in pdf and not the 2nd..... ?

Thanks for answers.
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