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How to edit my code to change the font and background color in my dashboard?


I've added into dashboard like below but its not working, can u pls help to have some nice background color and font color.

    <title>Authentication Authorization Administration</title>
      <query>index="index"| rex "(?:[^\t\n]*\t){16}(?P<runcode>[^\t]*)"|rex "(?:[^\t\n]*\t){17}(?P<reasoncode>[^\t]*)" | rex max_match=0 "<messageString>(?<reasoncode>[^\\<\"]*)"|eval reason_sub_code=substr(reasoncode,1,7) |  search runcode=Failure | stats count</query>
    <option name="drilldown">all</option>
 <option name="rangeColors">["0x65a637","0xf58f39","0xd93f3c"]</option>
 <option name="rangeValues">[1,2]</option>


got answer

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