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How to customize the home dashboard in Splunk Launcher App?

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I have a custom welcome to Splunk dashboard and I would like to set this as the home dashboard as part of the launcher app. Is there anyway in which I can do this? So I need to see the welcome to Splunk dashboard as well as the app sidebar as part of the launcher app.

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try this:

Here i made search app as a default app instead of launcher

To set the default app for a particular user:

Go to Manager > Users
Click a user (e.g. yourself)
Choose an app in the 'Default app' dropdown
To set a default app by role:

Go to Manager > Roles
Click a role (e.g. admin)
Choose an app in the 'Default app' dropdown

steps to make default dashboard :
create new dashboard -settings - ui-navigation-default- add your view name and set it to default


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