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How to create contextual drilldown from table to timechart with different searches?

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I'm trying to make a dashboard, so far I have a table which derived from multisearch, because set of fields is different:

| multisearch [search index=x host=y | eval name="A"]
[search index=x host=y | eval name="B"]
[search index=z host=u | eval name="C"]
[search index=w host=l | eval name="D"]
[search index=f host=p | eval name="E"] | stats count by name

Ideally I'd like to have contextual drilldown which would generate a timechart depending on the selected row.
For example if Name D is selected following timechart should be displayed:

search index=w host=l | eval name="D" | timechart count

What is the best way to approach it, if it is doable at all?
Thanks in advance

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Since, the field name is a custom eval field, a direct drilldown will not be available. You'd need to setup custom drilldown search based on the name value clicked.

    <eval token="index">case("$click.value2$"="B","x","$click.value2$"="C","z","$click.value2$"="D","w","$click.value2$"="E","f")</eval>
    <eval token="host">case("$click.value2$"="B","y","$click.value2$"="C","u","$click.value2$"="D","l","$click.value2$"="E","p")</eval>
<panel depends="$index$">
    <query>index=$index$ host=$host$ | timechart count</query>
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Thanks for the answer, apparently I'm missing something, when I click on cell it does not trigger anything. Maybe I should make something like: "set token", are you sure about syntax with $click.value2$, what is 2 at the end doing?

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