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How to create a dashboard with multiple charts from one statistics table of results?

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I wrote a search that ends up comparing two cohorts of customers with summary statistics: conversion rate, bounce rate, % that use site search, etc.....

I'd like to create a dashboard that creates a chart element for each of these summary statistics without rerunning the data. How should I do this?


Here's an example of my search

| transaction session_id mvlist=f keepevicted=t
| eval didco = if(match(url, "/checkout/order"), 1, 0 )
| eval didsearch = if(isnotnull(searchphrase), 1, 0)

| eval didatc = if(match(action, "Add To Cart"), 1, if(match(action, "Add%20To%20Cart"), 1, 0) )
| eval didbounce = if(match(eventcount, "1"), 1, 0)
| eval didbasket = if(match(url, "/checkout/basket*"), 1, 0)
| stats sum(didbounce) as bounce, sum(didco) as cr , count as sessions , dc(session_id) as visitors , sum(didsearch) as sr, sum(didatc) as atc , sum(didbasket) as sawbasket by experienceId | eval conv_rate = cr/sessions
| eval sr_rate = sr/sessions
| eval atc_rate = atc/sessions
| eval bounce_rate = bounce/sessions
| eval basket_abandon = (1 - cr/sawbasket)

The results come back as a 2 row table for the two "experienceIds" showing all of these metrics: bounce, cr, sessions, visitors, sr, atc, sawbasket, atc_rate, basket_abandon, .....

I'd like to make a dashboard that has a side by side view for each of those metrics. So one dashboard element will compare atc_rate and have experience 1 and experience 2. Another element will have conv_rate compared for the two experiences.

I know it would be silly to run this search each time for these, so I want to pull all the numbers from this search / report that will run every few hours.

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I have no idea what you mean. Post sample data and desired (mocked up) output.

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ok, i updated my question with the search query I'm using.

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