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How to create a cascade dropdown?

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Hey all,

I'm kind of new in Splunk and I would like some help on building a dashboard with a cascade dropdown. I have a script running fro different application and the idea is: once you select one of the applications (on a dropdown), it populates another dropdown with the corresponding servers (see image below).

alt text

On my Json I have a field that contains Application Name, another contains Script name and the other Server Name.
Even though I created a token ($myApp$) on my query ( | search ScriptName AppName="$myApp$"), when configuring the dropdown it didn't recognized it.

Could some one please help?
Thanks in advance.

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hello there,

please take a look at my previous answer, here:
although this one using an example of csv file, the logic is the same

hope it helps

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@gcescatto would it be possible for you to provide some sample JSON for App/Script/Server data? You can mock/anonymize any sensitive information? Also if possible can you share the code for App and Server dropdown?

If not mocked data/code can not be shared, would it be fine if we create a mock run anywhere dashboard on similar lines to assist you?

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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Are you sure you have checked the search on field change option in your App token drop downs?

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