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How to conditionally specify an index on a dashboard studio dashboard?


I'm working on building a dashboard for monitoring a system and I would like to have a dropdown input which allows me to switch between different environments. Environments are specified using several indices, such as sys-be-dev, sys-be-stage, sys-be-prod. So a query will look something like `namespace::sys-be-prod | search ...` for prod, and the namespace index will change for other environments.

I've added an input to my dashboard named NamespaceInput with values like sys-be-dev, sys-be-stage, sys-be-prod. Unfortunately doing `namespace=$NamespaceInput$` and `namespace::$NamespaceInput$` don't work. I've tried various ways of specifying the namespace index using the token but none of them function correctly. It seems like only a hard-coded `namespace::sys-be-prod` sort of specifier works for this type of index.

Any tips on how I might make use of a dashboard input in order to switch which index is used in a base query? Note that I'm using the dashboard studio. Perhaps there's a way of using chained queries and making them conditional based on the value of the NamespaceInput token value?


Thank you!

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