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How to change the colors of fields in a pie chart (and the values change constantly)

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Hi ,
Assume I have CPU utilization categorized as Critical, Warning and Normal. Now using append I combine individually to show a pie chart. In the piechart, along with Critical values, I also display the number of instance in that state. For ex: let's say there are 20 Critical severs,10 warning servers and 100 Normal servers. So when I display this on a pie chart the number of servers in critical will be displayed as Critical :20, Warning:10, and so on.
I tried it with Charting fields for static words like Critical, Warning, etc., but I don't know how to give color to such case where Critical is taken by Splunk as Critical: 20. I tried by giving "%" wildcards, didn't work.

The server values keep changing.

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there isn't any way to wildcard the colors. this is a workaround:

in your query, write out something like ...|eval category2=category+":"+count|eval sort=case(category="Critical",1,category="Warning",2,category="Normal",3)|sort sort|fields category2 count you might want to add something to dummy encode that all categories are there, in case there are no Critical values or something.
something like this:

index=.....|stats count by category|append [|makeresults|eval category="Critical,Warning,Normal"|makemv category delim=","|mvexpand category]|fillnull count value=0|eval category2=category+":"+count|dedup category|eval sort=case(category="Critical",1,category="Warning",2,category="Normal",3)|sort sort|fields category2 count |fields - _time

and then in the simpleXML, put this <option name="charting.seriesColors">[0xff0000,0xff6600,0xffff00]</option> it will use Red, Orange and Yellow, in the order, based on the order the categories were sorted.

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