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How to change the color of values that part of specific list in Gantt?

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I have this Gantt for example that you see in stages and the time they took:



I need to find the critical path values and then make them in same color but different from stages that doesn't part of the critical path.

is Splunk supports in find critical path in Gantt? 

and if not, and I calculate this by myself, how can I change the color of this specific stages in the same Gantt ?

for example I create this query that find the stage in critical path and keep them in stage_critical:

index="abc" source="efg" | table Stage,STARTTIME,FINISHTIME,TIME_RUNNING,FEEDER_ID_NAME,dependOn,FEEDER_ID,username,id ,DUT| search FEEDER_ID_NAME=* | search id="1234" DUT IN (*) STARTTIME!="NULL" FINISHTIME=* | eval Stage=DUT.".".Stage | stats list(dependOn) as dependOn by id,DUT,STARTTIME,Stage,FINISHTIME | mvexpand dependOn | eval sp=split(dependOn," ") | mvexpand sp | dedup sp | eval dependOn=sp | eval dut2=replace(dependOn,DUT."_"."*"."_","==") | table * | rex field=dut2 "==(?<stage_critical>\w+)" | eval stage_critical=DUT.".".stage_critical | table *


in this query I want that every Stage that appears in stage_critical would be in red.

would you help me?



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