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How to change node color under condition in Network Diagram Viz?



I am using the network diagram viz and I need to change the color of the nodes which also have values for one specific field "SSh".

Here is my current Splunk query 
index=fraud_glassbox (sourcetype="gb:hit" OR sourcetype="gb:sessions") 44ead780-cf74-11ec-915e-005056b040ae
| eval time_epoch = strptime('SESSION_TIMESTAMP', "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S")
| convert ctime(time_epoch) as hour_minute timeformat="%Y-%m-%d %H:%M"
| eval SEQUENCEto = tonumber(SEQUENCE) + 1
| strcat URL_PATH ":" SEQUENCE from
| autoregress from as to
| eval color = "red"
| table from, to, color,Premier_RC_Code_SSH

and output:



Is it possible to incorporate an IF-like statement or subsearch that would turn all such nodes blue if there is respective values for "SSH" field?

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Use if in the eval statement

| eval color=if(match(field, "match_regex"), "custom_colour", "red")

where 'field' is the field you want to test for matching data and the regex is the match string you're looking for.

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