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How to change background color of navbar ? (Splunk 8.2)




First, I already read this post : https://community.splunk.com/t5/Dashboards-Visualizations/Background-color-in-navbar-is-gone-in-7-1-...

And tried its solution. It works sometimes but not all the times. My guess is that the div isn't always there for some reason.

I opened the developer console in Chrome, and it seems that the objet's name is ".view---pages-enterprise---8-2-2-1---1zrJY". As you can see, there is the splunk version inside it.

And it changes with dark mode: ".view---pages-dark---8-2-2-1---2d_9P"

Do you have also this behavior and how can I successfully change the background color of the navbar accross Splunk upgrades?


Thanks 🙂

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