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How to change Punchcard Visualization Categorical colors for bubbles?


Hi all,

I'm at a bit of an impasse.  An executive would like to see colors that make sense to him in my Punchcard visualization of the number of WiFi devices in a particular space.  My data looks like this:

date_hour Location Capacity CapacityColor

0 Art Museum Staff 10 5
0 Lobby 3 5
1 Art Museum Staff 10 5
1 Lobby 5 5
10 Art Museum Staff 31 4
10 Lobby 90 2
11 Art Museum Staff 34 4


I have fiddled with all manner of "CapacityColor", charting options, even the field options I found at:

I've tried my search in both Dashboard Studio and Classic, though I'll be honest, I prefer Classic.  The best I seem to be able to do is using Sequential and setting max/min to like red and green.  Very "autumn" palette of 5 colors comes out, but I can't change the legend.  If I set the CapacityColor to match "Capacity" based on some thresholds like 90,75,50,10,0 it picks seemingly random numbers for the legend (which will confuse said executive).

I wanted to be able to use fieldColors={"Over 90%": "red" ... } like I've seen with other charting options, but I haven't found an iteration of that which works either in the punchcard visualization.

Has anyone found a way to modify the colors?

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