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How to apply data on each state with different colours on choropleth map


I want to display choropleth map with data on each state with different colour.
Country : Australia
I uploaded csv file containing state and latitude & longitude details. Below is the query i am used

index=mytest sourcetype=csv source="C:\\Splunk\\GAF_Files\\anzvw_contract_test0.csv" is_active=1 branch_location_code =*| lookup Aus_states State_code AS branch_location_code OUTPUT Latitude,Longitude | geostats latfield=Latitude longfield=Longitude count by branch_location_code

Here i could not able to segregate each state and its corresponding data. alt text

I want to display like this with data inside
alt text

Kindly help me here.

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@niketnilay Yes

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@alexspunkshell , you are looking for Choropleth Map in Splunk instead of Cluster Map.

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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