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How to add image in my Dashboard panel along with the Result


I have created a form in SPLUNK and I want to add some images on the panel of results.

Could you please help me out , how it could be done throught the .xml files ( if possible )

Thanks in Advance !!

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If you want to embed an image into each row of a table of results, I think the easiest way is to install the latest Sideview Utils app (http://sideviewapps.com/apps/sideview-utils), which is free for internal use, and use its Table module. The Table module is new in the 2.2 version of the app and among other things it has a feature whereby you can embed other modules inside the rendered tablecells. The most commonly used configuration is to embed a Sideview HTML module into the Table, and with some search language to get the correct filenames for each row, you can use this to construct your own <img> tags whose src attribute points to one of a set number of images you have put into etc/apps/YOUR_APP_NAME/appserver/static.

There's a page of documentation in Sideview Utils dedicated to this particular feature, although through an oversignt it doesn't actually appear in the navigation. To get to it, navigate to "Module Documentation > Table module > Table - Custom rendering", and then once you're on that page, click the "Next Page" link to go to the "Table - Custom Embedding" page. My apologies about the messed up docs link - I'll fix this in the next release.

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Splunk Employee

There are several approaches to this see:

With Advanced XML use the SSI module to call a HTML wrapper file.


How to do in Simple XML?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

There are a few options here depending on what exactly you are trying to do. In either case, I would recommend taking a look at the following app.

Splunk 6.x Dashboard Examples (https://apps.splunk.com/app/1603/)

(1) Include an html element within your simple xml panel
- refer to the example app for a method to do this
- you can with reference a source html, or embed html directly
- In either case, you can reference an img that exists in your appserver/static directory

(2) For advanced use cases such as embedding images/icons in tables based on cell values
- refer to the examples app for this as well

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