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How to add drilldown for dendogram d3 tree viz in custom visualizations app

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I'm using a custom visualization app, I want to have a drill-down for last child node when clicked.

and I need to capture the tree path details as well from the first parent node to the last child node.




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@AnilPujar can you point to which D3 Dendogram visualization are you using? I dont know if there is one that is recently built or supported. Is it your own custom viz?


Nevertheless, if you have the DOM selected for last-child from where you need to fetch the value, you can use jQuery Selector based Click handler in Simple XML JS extension with Splunk JS stack to set the required token that can be accessed in the UI.

Following are some of my previous answers on similar lines but for different custom visualizations:

  1. Simple XML JS Extension based drilldown for Outlier Chart
  2. Simple XML JS Extension based drilldown for Donut Chart
  3. Simple XML JS Extension based drilldown for Status Indicator/Single Value html panel

Do up vote the answers if they help you. If not let us know further details so that community can assist better.

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