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How to add a trendline to my search?


I have a few searches with a few totals and an SLA line... kinda as follows.

...... | timechart max(msecs) AS Max_avg  min(msecs) AS Min_avg avg(msecs) AS Total_avg |eval SLA=47

I want to add a trendline to this search so its also visible in the dashboards... how can i do this.....

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Just pipe to trendline

... | trendline sma10(Max_avg) as MaxTrend


  • sma can be ema, sma, or wma

  • 10 represents the period (can be between 2 and 10000)

Read more on the trendline command here

Upon rereading your question... I'm wondering if you just meant the chart overlay option.

In the visualization tab, go to Format. Then go to Chart Overlay, then choose the field you'd like to use.

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is it possible to give the EMA in the Visualized View an Offset so it is X times smaller?

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