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How-to: Different rangemap based on field value

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I am looking to add a rangemap on a dashboard. I have used rangemap in the past but in this case I would need different ranges based on a field value.


Search: sourcetype=cv3* (cv3_level="Fatal" OR cv3_level="Error") | chart count by cv3_level | append [| gentimes start=-1 | eval cv3_level="Fatal Error" | table cv3_level | makemv cv3_level | mvexpand cv3_level ] | fillnull value=0 | stats max(*) as * by cv3_level

cv3_level = Error | rangemap low=0-9 elevated=10-49 default=severe
cv3_level = Fatal | rangemap low=0-0 default=severe

"cv3_level = Fatal" hopefully will never show up but they want the 0 on the screen. The search shows up correct for the count. I am using the code from "Table Icon Set" to display a icon set so on the dashboard people just see pretty colors.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You need to use a eval with case and cover the different combinations. For instance:

index=_internal earliest=-15min sourcetype=splunk* | eval log_level=case(date_second<=10,"INFO",date_second<=50,"Warning",date_second<=59,"Fatal") | chart count by log_level | eval range=case((log_level="Fatal" AND count<100), "Low" , (log_level="Fatal" AND count<2000), "Warning") | table log_level,count,range

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Could you please provide a clear example using a sample event and indicating the value(s) of the input field for rangemap as well as the desired output values?

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