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How do privacy settings on dashboards work and what path are private dashboards saved to?

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As an admin- I am trying to clean up my dashboards by setting unused ones to private, but I want to know what determines where they go. Sometimes when I do it, I can still see the view in all configurations and marked as private by the owner. However, when I performed this for another user- this view did not appear in the all configurations list and I could only find the dashboard through splunk/etc/users/username/search/local/data/ui/views. Why did the dashboard for that specific user not appear in all configurations?

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seems like you describe the correct behavior.
if its private, it will be at the path you specified and will not appear in all configuration
the fact whether an item is private or in app context or global is what determines it.
create a sample user and call it test, give it only user permissions.
login as test, go to search and create a simple dashboard. something like: index = * | head 1
save as dashboard panel -> new dashboards -> save > change permissions -> track from another tab in your browser when logged as admin, how you can see or not see that new dashboard.
btw, imho, setting dashboards (or any items) to private, will cause more difficulties later down the road to identify, isolate and disable. maybe a better way is to move them to a "unused app" that you created only for that.
hope it helps

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