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How do I use Flow Map Viz add-on to design data flow between Splunk Server Components ?


I am trying to develop a visualization showing Splunk distributed architecture with dataflow using Flow Viz App. I want to be able to show architecture as per below diagram with tcp_eps as Events/s.

To achieve this, I am looking at example 2 shown in the documentation section of the app. You can also find that example image on Splunkbase of the app  or if you have got the add-on on your local host, its link is most likely this  But I am quite confused with the instructions. It says, "Each node should be delimited by three hypens "---"." But where or how do I setup a query that will show link in that path syntax format ?
Another thing I am unsure is where it states, 





<existing query> | append [|inputlookup my_table_of_nodes.csv]





What exactly node data should the csv file contain ?Untitled.png


Can someone please help me with this ?

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