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How do I turn off the "Find More Apps" button for a restricted User in 6.2


I would rather not have the "Find More Apps" button visible for the user to experiment with

How can i turn this off

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"Find More Apps" link (or, rather, the list item containing the link) has an id of findMoreAppsNav (as of 6.2) - you can find that out by right-clicking the link and choosing 'Inspect Element' in most modern browsers.

In order to make that list item invisible for all users of your application, you can add

#findMoreAppsNav {
  display:none !important;

to your CSS. Have all your forms and dashboards have stylesheet="yourdashboard.css" in their form/dashboard tag, create yourdashboard.css in etc/apps/yourappname/appserver/local and put that style there.

However, it seems that this link is permission-based - my non-admin users do not see "Find More Apps" at all! I looked through the list of capabilities but none rings the bell. The JavaScripts I looked at check for some canManageRemoteApps flag, but I'm not sure how it is generated.

Anyway - try creating a user based on user role and see whether you still see that link.

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You can definitely hide the whole black navigation bar on top from view (though you'll need to figure out how to show the 'Logout' button if you want it to be available) by adding hideSplunkBar="true" to your form's/dashboard's XML. For example, one of my dashboards contains the following:

<form refresh="600" stylesheet="dashboard.css" script="dashboard.js" hideSplunkBar="true" hideFooter="true">

in its XML ('Edit'->'Edit Source'). Look for more information here.

Unfortunately, I don't know yet how to hide just the specific drop-down menu items from view. See if any real expert can chime in.


Thanks @arka... I appreciate the help. I'll keep looking and hope an XML expert is out there somewhere

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