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How do I modify parts of a dashboard to show certain text as bold?

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I'd like to bold certain text within my dashboard....for example "customer names" within a column dashboard. I'd like to know how to bold things at will if possible.

I tried fiddling around with XML, but didn't see any place where I could modify given titles within the dashboard.

Thanks for any info!

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Revered Legend

If you just want to modify the titles and texts, you could use html module/tag in simple xml.


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I haven't found a way to do it with the 'title' element the Splunk UI provides for their widgets.
You need to drop down into HTML, for example (highlighted with '**'):

        <div> <h1>Host Count</h1> </div>
        <search id="HostsCount">
          <query>| inputlookup host_info.csv | search AppTeam="$teams$" AND environment="$environment$" | stats count | rangemap field=count severe=0-0 default=guarded</query>
        <option name="classField">range</option>
        . . .
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