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How can I get the entire row to be the same color as one of the values without js?


Right now, I am using the colorpalette option to label services as a certain color (grey). However, I want to extend this across the row for whatever service details it has, not just color the service name in grey. Is there a way to do this without js?

It's very important that this be done without js - just using the XML "Source" option in the dashboard.


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Re: How can I get the entire row to be the same color as one of the values without js?


@mauricio2354, can you let us know the reason for this requirement without having to use JS?

| eval message="Happy Splunking!!!"

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Re: How can I get the entire row to be the same color as one of the values without js?


Try This:

  <label>Table Formats</label>
  <row depends="$Hello$">
              #sortIsAProblem tr:nth-child(3) td {background-color: grey;}
              #sortIsAProblem tr:nth-child(5) td {background-color: grey;}
              #sortIsAProblem tr:nth-child(6) td {background-color: grey;}
              #sortIsAProblem tr:nth-child(1) td {background-color: grey;}
              #sortIsAProblem tr:nth-child(9) td {background-color: grey;}
              #sortIsAProblem tr:nth-child(10) td {background-color: grey;}
              #sortIsAProblem tr:nth-child(18) td {background-color: grey;}
              #sortIsAProblem tr:nth-child(15) td {background-color: grey;}
      <table id="sortIsAProblem">
          <query>| makeresults |eval Service="SparkPay Webhook(enterpriseapi-6YS7IojKFla7SBqCPTkGKf4G) : gumbo - f086171f1a504f6984389cd188b9ce98;SparkPay Webhook(enterpriseapi-6YS7IojKFla7SBqCPTkGKf4G) : gumbo - f086171f1a504f6984389cd188b9ce98;
 NO-NAME(cb52a96eb25041659e889a9fe86408c6) : Account Subscription Inquiry - d6fb47ebc616401fb1684412b95085f0;Dynamic App (using DevEx GW)(03633fda819c4758822d51e541c859f9) : Branded Products Display Contents - 1324a6bd86cb42c3b75325b1c31778a7;
 ProcessApp(enterpriseapi-1XtCxMbaNNG9m0znInKWjkJl) : Application Fraud - d6ceca902b564e3891f3d17a8955cb59;Partnerships Transactions Summary;
 NO-NAME(3d543435bea44d498b37ad123a0a93f4) : ///dgw - 3cb2ebdcd846416a958a2a4973317354\";Service Lineage;\"Investment Full Service Accounts;NO-NAME(NONE) : oauth2 - oauth2;SparkPay Webhook(enterpriseapi-6YS7IojKFla7SBqCPTkGKf4G) : private-messagesystems-feedback - 10e30983788d4ed98032dee686403ed4;oauth2;NO-NAME(7b3b7e7ad85e44168d1adeeee8fc900e) : oauth2 - get-token;NO-NAME(NONE) : oauth2 - get-token;taxport-ws;Customer Promotion API - Private;customer-payment-cards_APP(cfd573cd77a54735a5520526baef6f6d) : Customer Promotion API - Private - a75d368234194b26b2a6f44f9519510a;NO-NAME(00bb0a453d3742c5aba74d884d3f9c27) : Credit Offers - edfc0660a37547ca987e592bb087a4e3"
| makemv delim=";" Service
| mvexpand Service
| eval count=20
| sort Service</query>
        <option name="count">20</option>
        <option name="dataOverlayMode">none</option>
        <option name="drilldown">none</option>
        <option name="percentagesRow">false</option>
        <option name="rowNumbers">false</option>
        <option name="totalsRow">false</option>
        <option name="wrap">true</option>
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