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Form to choose and compare two time ranges while excluding part of it



I need to create a form that would help to compare app's behaviour before and after version upgrade.

I can compare two time ranges, but have problem with the following additional requests for this form :

  • Give users ability to choose upgrade date
  • Give users ability to choose time range to compare (before and after the upgrade)
  • Exclude chosen upgrade date from the search (or it's results, at least)

Is this possible (preferably with simple XML)?

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If you have one control that is the standard timepicker to select the overall range for the earliest and latest bounds for the search and then another control for the moment of the upgrade and lastly a dropdown for the +/- range like this:

<input type="dropdown" token="delta_token">
  <choice value="300">5 minutes</choice>
  <choice value="900">15 minutes</choice>
  <choice value="1800">30 minutes</choice>
  <choice value="3600">1 hour</choice>
  <choice value="7200">2 hours</choice>
  <choice value="21600">6 hours</choice>
  <choice value="864000">1 day</choice>
  <default>15 minutes</default>

Then you would have your search include this to drop out the near-the-upgrade data:

... _time <= ($upgrade_time_token$ - $delta_token$) _time >= ($upgrade_time_token$ + $delta_token$) ...
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Thank you, woodcock

Ended up with the standard timepicker for choosing the desired timeframe, dropdowns to choose upgrade date, and exclusion of that date from the results.

Not as polished as it was meant to be initially, but does the job.

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I am glad it worked out; you should "Answer" the question to close it out since you have a solution that works.

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