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Embedding Splunk in Iframe - No Cookies


We are embedding our Splunk reports into another website and this was working fine but now we get am error 


"No cookie support detected. Check your browser configuration."


I'm assuming this is down to a change in the way browsers are handling cookies, however I'm unable to find a way around it. The site is running HTTPS and we have the changed the following config

enableSplunkWebSSL = true
enable_insecure_login = True
x_frame_options_sameorigin = false



Does anyone have any ideas.

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Loves-to-Learn Lots

Hi Guys ,


Have you solved this problem?

Unfortunately, we also have this problem.If you solved this problem , could you please tell us how to fixed it ?

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No we haven't been able to find a fix yet, if you manage to please let me know.

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