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Embedded dashboard in iframe not working for chrome


We have a simple XML dashboard in our splunk implementation which works fine when browsing splunk web.
We embedded this dashboard in another web through an iframe like follows:



<iframe src="https://Splunk-Server:8000/account/insecurelogin?username=USER&password=PASWROD&return_to=/app/My-App/Dashboard-to-embed"></iframe>




This works fine on firefox, but chrome doesn't load it.
We suspect that chrome is blocking the iframe contents because it won't load splunk's cookies in a third-party web-page, as per this article: https://blog.heroku.com/chrome-changes-samesite-cookie

In short, we don't know how to configure splunk's cookie flags to allow them being loaded cross-domain. (SameSite=None, Secure)
Or really, if this is the problem at all...
We would apreciate any help you can provide. Thank you.

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