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Drilldown conditionally based on the value of the selected element in a table?

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I have use a case to navigate to a hyperlink based on the value of the selected element in a table.

Ex: If the value of the selected field is x, show me the link
Else do noting, i mean disable the link

I don't want to use JS. Is there way doing this without using JavaScript in Simple XML dashboard?

If not, are there any plans adding this in coming versions?

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Yes, this should be possible without JS. Here is the gist (assumes you are enabling drilldowns on cell).

You will need to substitute the field name for the cell (i.e., the column name in the table) in the condition where it says "YOUR_FIELD", substitute your value for "x" in the final check in the condition as well, and finally, substitute your link in the <link> element where it says "".

    <condition match="isnotnull('click.name2') AND 'click.name2' == &quot;YOUR_FIELD&quot; AND isnotnull('click.value2')  AND 'click.value2' == &quot;x&quot;">

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