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Drill Down on Stacked Bar chart

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The chart shows number of incidents by vendor during a time period. I would like to be able to drill down on each bar for specific information about that vendor. I have 41 vendors that I monitor which may or may not show up in the chart depending on their performance for that time period. It seems as though the standard drill down function will take you to one location (i.e. search, report, chart, etc.) Is it possible to design it for drill down to each vendor listed via xml coding? I'm guessing(hopefully wrong!) that if it can be done I would need to have reports done for incidents (or the other 19KPIs) for each vendor (800 reports?) alt text

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You can use tokens to pass the value of the vendor field, for example, into the location for the drilldown. So let's say you want a click on a particular bar to take you to a search for all instances of that vendor's name in index=_internal (a strange example, but one that will at least run anywhere). Then your drilldown code would look like this:

  <link target="_blank">search?q=index=internal $click.value$</link>

Here's some good documentation about using tokens in dashboards:

And this guide provides an overview for using tokens to make drilldowns dynamic:

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Links are broken. Please use these: tokens, DrilldownIntro

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