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Double Dollar in Dropdown

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Using an Input to as a variable in another input....

<input type="dropdown" token="INPUT_4" searchWhenChanged="true">
  <label>Input Variable:</label>
    <query>index=indexName sourcetype=sourcetypeName | top limit=100 $INPUT_3$ | sort $INPUT_3$</query>

Each time I reload the dashboard, I keep getting double dollar signs around my Label and Value fields. How can I prevent this from occurring? (Splunk Version 6.3.0)

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi hogan24

The dollar sign is reserved for tokens in Splunk. You can either escape it using the corresponding html entitiy in the and the tags or simply rename the field in your search:

index=indexName sourcetype=sourcetypeName | top limit=100 $INPUT_3$ | rename $INPUT_3$ AS INPUT_3 | sort INPUT_3


Let me know how you get along.