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Did 6.2.2 close a loophole or break HTML links to reports?


I use HTML panels to provide simple navigation to commonly used reports, dashboards and views. None of my links to reports are working after migrating from v6.2.0 to v6.2.2.

This is a snippet of what I use.

      <p>This is a link to a report <a href="@go?s=$MY Log Search" target="_blank">Search my Log</a>

The report "$MY Log Search" is fine, the report is listed in reports and I can open it. Clicking in the link in 6.2.2. returns
"The view you requested could not be found."

I still have 6.2.0 in my prod system. I can see the URL's are different. The resulting URL for the working system ends in

After upgrading to 6.2.2 I the URL ends in

I don't really know CSS nor HTML, this is just something I located ages ago and I can't locate a good reference.

Did 6.2.2 close a loophole, or is something broken by 6.2.2?

Can someone point me to doc on how I should refer to a report via HTML panels?

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By looking at the resulting v6.6.1 URL and creating a custom drilldown I was able to figure out something that works.

  • This is a 6.6.2 link to a report Search my Log

    It seems the @go, which determined current context, has changed or its no longer supported.

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    Sorry, I can't figure out how to use this darn editor..

    Search QMGR Log


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    I am having the same issue; but the links must be generated by our custom navigation menues.... I never set this. Is there a bulk way to get this to come back? Just rolled forward from 6.5 to 6.6 today and things went bad.

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    I meant v6.6.2, not v6.2.2. My prod env is v6.6.1, the issue is occurring in v6.6.2.

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    I also want to mention, I want the link to open in Search mode, not as a report.

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