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Dashboards - set token to specific value, when drilldowned token is unset


On the first dashboad I have:

          <link target="_blank">/app/appname/logon_fail?drill_account=$click.value$</link>

On the second dashboard I have a search like:

                  <query>index=index EventCode=4625 Account_Name=$drill_account$

Now, I try, to get this search running, even when there is no drilldown and the token "drill_account" is not set. Right now, it says "Waiting for input..."

Any suggestions? I tried to set this token to "*", but nothing worked for me.

Thx in advanced. Chris

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My guess is you probably didn't define field1.earliest and field1.latest on your target dashboard. I assume you have a time input on your target dashboard. Can you share the simple xml for your target dashboard, at least the parts where this token is defined?

If those are available, what's in the passed token? You can find out via console by doing

var defaultTokenModel = splunkjs.mvc.Components.get("default");

If that says "undefined", can you check the url on the target page to see if it contains the token? Also, which version is this?

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