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Hi there,

Assuming I have created 3 dashboards (each one with let's say 3 panels), is there a way to dynamically switch between all 3 dashboards?

More exactly, I have one monitor where I would want to see for x minutes dashboard1, then dashboard2 for another x minutes and dashboard3 for another x minutes...and so on. Do you know if this is possible with Splunk 5.0?


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Have a look at the slideshow application

This app provides a way to display a set of dashboards on an interval, kind of like a slideshow. This is useful for displaying content on informational big screens.


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Hi, I have tried this app. There's a disadvantage of using this app because it refreshes the dashboard. It doesn't toggle between dashboard seamlessly. Are there other ways to do this? For instance, making use of tokens and timer to do this?

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You could put a small piece of JavaScript into dashboard 1 that loads dashboard 2 after a few minutes, and do the same for dashboards 2 and 3 - with 2 loading 3, and 3 loading 1.

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